Introducing the Pure Electric HUPMO EV

Luxury, Design and Security

Exclusive panorama roof with night sky system, with LED technology. The cabin is lined with carbon fiber inserts providing a completely luxurious environment.

Comfortable Enjoyment

High quality digital Dolby audio, induction wiper; It closes the window automatically when it rains; Electric adjusting, heating and automatic folding, memory of the rearview mirror; Automatic air conditioner; PM 2.5 air purification system.

Safety Intelligence
Ultimate Driver´s Comfort
Intelligent Technology
Luxury Design
Long Range
220V Power Supply

Drive Hupmobile

Get the new Hupmobile delivered to your home. Explore purchase, rental and car sharing options.

Dealers & Partners

Explore Hupmobile partner opportunities as a Dealer, Distributor or Service Partner.


Opportunities offered to Social Media Influencers and Partners working from home.

Built on a Tradition of Excellence

We build on more than a 100 year old visionary excellence when bringing you the 21st century Hupmobile merging innovation and quality with competitive prices.


Introduced by Islandus Group

About Us

Founded as wholesale distributors of consumer products in Iceland in 1976.  We have evolved into a successful international company with presence in the USA and Europe.

For 20 years we have been a leading importer of automobiles into Iceland.  Our financial rating is in the top 3% of automobile industry and better than 91% of all Icelandic companies.