A business by Islandus Group

Founded as wholesale distributors of consumer products in Iceland in 1976.  We have evolved into a successful international company with presence in the USA and Europe.

Islandus Group Automobiles

Automobile imports for 18 years

  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • Leader in imports of EV vehicles
  • Homologation services
  • Supplying EV charging solutions

Financial stability

  • Top 3% of Icelandic automobile industry
  • Better than 91% of all Icelandic companies

International presence

  • Iceland
  • EU
  • USA

About Islandus Automobiles

  • WELL ESTABLISHED: The company has for almost 20 years operated an online portal assisting customers in Iceland and the EU to purchase automobiles from USA and EU. The company has handled all aspects of the service, source the car, purchasing, logistics, homologation and delivery.
  • CUSTOMERS: The company has provided it's services both to private individuals and business clients.
  • FINANCIAL BACKGROUND: The company has solid financial background. It has better financial position than 97% of companies engaged in the automobile industry in Iceland and better than 91% of all Icelandic companies. The company is completely debt free.
  • MARKETING: The company has long experience with marketing of automobiles through (i) Traditional media print, TV and radio (ii) Social media targeting buyers of EV vehicles (iii) In store promotions - shopping centers (iv) Dealer showroom arrangements.
  • INTERNATIONAL: The company management has decades of international business experience and is well positioned to take on representation and marketing of EV vehicles in Europe.
  • HOMOLOGATION: The company has for more than 10 years provided TUV homologation services.
  • EV DISTRIBUTION: The company is expanding it's business in Europe with the launch of it's Hupmobile electric vehicle service into the EU market.
  • VEHICLE POOL SHARING: The company supplying technology solutions and vehicles to car sharing operators in Europe.
  • VEHICLE SUPPLIES: The company is negotiating supply agreements with vehicle manufacturers for the distribution of EV vehicles associated with the HUPMOBILE service brand in Europe.
  • DELVERY AND AFTER SALES SERVICES: The company has developed concept and blueprints for launching it's HUPMOBILE service centers in Europe: (i) International multi lingual call center using it's Salesforce.com custom configured CRM system (ii) Supply of spare parts using a reputable European courier service (iii) Delivery and after sale service provided through a large network of automobile repair centers in Europe. The service is available in most EU cities.

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First Class Credit Rating

Our company has been awareded 1st class credit rating by Credit Info Iceland (Dun and Bradstreet).

High Customer Satisfaction

Overwhelmingly high customer satisfaction.

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