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HUPMOBILE distribution partnership is available in multiple countries for automobile Distributors, Dealers, Social Media Influencers and Independent Distributors working from home, and through the fast growing Car Sharing rental business model.  Our cars are available with telematics technology for car share, rentals and ride services.

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Already engaged in automobile sales? Explore the HUPMOBILE dealer opportunities and distribute through your existing channels.

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USA: + 1 877 405 4999
Canada: + 1 845 201 7666
Iceland: +354 557 1000
Germany: +49 3775 722 9984
Portugal: +351 210 200 144
Spain: +34 951 82 30 00
Sweden: +46 8 420 027 99
UK: +44 208 0892 566

Mailing Address:

Hupmobile Europe
Jubilantkarisma Unip LDA
Rua Sao Valentim 236B
2740-184 Porto Salvo

Built on a Tradition of Excellence

We build on more than a 100 year old visionary excellence when bringing you the 21st century Hupmobile merging innovation and quality with competitive prices.

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Opportunities offered to Social Media Influencers and Partners working from home.