Hupmobile Production

In cooperation with one of largest automakers in the world.

180,000 employees


One of the largest automobile manufacturing groups in the world. Dongfeng has almost 180,000 employees in several factories.

Leading in innovation


The manufacturer boasts a leading car research and development system with over 7000 R&D staff and won numerous awards.

Multiple joint ventures


Multiple manufacturing joint ventures with leading automobile brands, including Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault.

Built on a Tradition of Excellence

We build on more than a 100 year old visionary excellence when bringing you the 21st century Hupmobile merging innovation and quality with competitive prices.

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Opportunities offered to Social Media Influencers and Partners working from home.


In 1908, Bobby Hupp quit his job at Ford Motor Co to setup his own company. Introduced at the 1909 Detroit Auto Show, Hupmobile was an instant success and became one of the most successful early auto companies.

In 1910 Hupp introduced one of the first electric cars, the Hupp Yeats.


Hupp is credited with many early automotive design inventions including hydraulic breaking systems.

We build on Bobby┬┤s visionary excellence to merge innovation and quality with competitive prices.

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21 century Hupmobile is introducing a new generation of electric automobiles and flying machines.

HUPMO automobiles feature telematics technology for vehicle sharing pools.
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